Get the best-dressed cock on the block!

You're probably asking yourself "What the heck is a Cockattoo?"  Well it's one of the funnest new love-life enhancing, penis decorating products on the market. It's a full coverage artfully designed temporary tattoo that wraps around the shaft of the cock - COCKATTOO! They're FDA approved, hypo-allergenic and completely safe.

Goes on hard and stays on soft.  Order one for yourself, your lover, spouse or friend... sure to put a smile on everyone's face!

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Cockattoo for every occasion!

If you really want to see your friends go crazy, get a couple of our most outlandish Cockattoo™ tats and watch the crowd go wild. Perfect for parties of all types and sizes... just like Cockattoos.™

•  Birthdays  •  Bachelorette  •  Christmas  •  Adult Fun  •

Makes a perfect party gift!

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